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Physical IT Security

Physical IT Security Risks

 A real estimation of potential risk factors is only possible if you are aware of the sensitivity of your IT systems!

- Fire
- Extinguishing water
- Corrosive gases / acrid gases
- Unauthorized access
- Electromagnetic fields
- Explosions
- Vandalism
- Dust
- Falling debris
- Magnetic fields

Physical IT Security Solutions

IT Enclosure Monitoring System - CMC (Computer Monitoring Control)

CMC is the complete system for monitoring, regulating and reporting all safety-relevant states in the data network enclosure. Temperature control, humidity, vibration and personalized access control are managed by CMC

IT Data Center Physical Security Solution

Modular separating wall system for secondary areas such as offices or warehouses used in connection with the IT environmentIdeal for locations where a room system cannot be installed. 

- Fire protection
- Smoke-proof/gas-proof
- Impervious to extinguishing water for the wall system only
- Access protection

Ceiling support systems serve to support ceiling modules. There are calculated and sized acc. to static requirements in order to support the free-standing cell design. This also allows a subsequent expansion of the IT-Data Centre during project planning 

Floor modules The floor modules and wall elements providing protection against water and fire damage from below

Wall modules with connection system The adjustments on top allow a form-fitting connection to the ceiling modules. The special connection elements allow a flexible and economical modular construction. The steel cassette design guarantees the highest level of security

Ceiling modules like the wall and floor modules, consist of covered interlinked steel cassettes, insulated on both sides. Specific adjustments to the edges build a form-fitting attachment to the wall modules. 

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Life-Safety System


Way-Finding and Efress Marking Lighting System

Our EL (Electroluminescent) lighting solution provides an uninterrupted illuminated path to the nearest exit with a continuous light source located near the floor and around the doors of the appropriate emergency exit paths.

- Unsurpassed visibility in smoke or fog without disorientating bright spots of light
- Economical and Easy to install in new or retrofit installations
- Automatic Battery Backup in case of power failure


Personal Air-purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices

Fire safety is of great interest at present. Fast and efficient action is, of course, of vital importance. Preventive measures such as smoke detectors, fire blankets and fire extinguishers all play an important role. Nevertheless experience shows that it is the strong smoke fumes at the start of a fire which leads to most fatalities. Smoke in the eyes, disorientation and the escape of poisonous gases hamper attempts to leave a building in time.

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LASER Distancemeter


Leica DISTO Family


Battery Monitoring & Testing System

Battery Monitoring System

 Battery Monitoring is essential to any mission-critical data center facility. Battery failures have caused tremendous financial losses due to downtime. You know how important it is to keep your data center up and running...but did you know how often your batteries can let you down? Installing battery monitoring systems effectively makes it possible to assure the batteries will be there during a power outage or lightning strike. More and more companies are monitoring their batteries to eliminate this risk as they find out the hard way what happens when the power fails

A Superior Measurement Method

BTECH's patented Impedance Method is superior to competitors measuring Resistance to determine battery health. The basic difference between the two is that Impedance includes the AC component in the measurement that is affected by the capacitance of the battery, an important factor eliminated by lesser methods. Since the capacitance is included in every basic model of a battery, BTECH does not feel that you can make a meaningful measurements that correlate with battery capacity, and all major battery companies who publish data use Impedance for this reason.

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