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Project Collaboration Network



Energy Information Modeling (EIM)





Facility Management System & Building Energy Management System Over Building Information Modeling


BIM (Building Information Modeling)을 응용한 시설관리(FMS : Facility Management System) 및 빌딩에너지메니지먼트 (BEMS : Building Energy Management System)



BIM based tools for energy performance analysis and thermal requirements management

Utilization of BIM in performance reporting during operation

BIM based tools for facility management





Augmented/Virtual Reality For Facility Mangement

Facility Management System Over Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


증강현실 (AR : Augmented Reality)와 가상현실(VR : Virtual Reality)을 응용한 건축물의 시설관리(FMS : Facility Management System



Virtual reality(VR) can be used as a powerful, three dimensional method to interface with computers. By wearing a head mounted audio-visual display, position and orientation sensors, and tactile interface devices, one can actively inhabit an inclusive computer generated environment. Another area of computing that has seen substantial progress is mobile computing. With computing devices diminishing in size and with options like wireless networking, a user is no longer limited to his physical desktop. Augmented reality(AR) works on similar principles as virtual reality. Yet, unlike VR where the user is immersed in a completely virtual environment, augmented reality overlays virtual objects and data on the real world. This is usually achieved using see-through head mounted displays and tracking devices. The critical problem with present augment reality systems is the lack of real-time speed and accurate tracking. Because we are overlaying information over the real world, small errors in tracking information are easily detected by the human eye. Considerable experimentation and research is currently underway surrounding the use of VR in the architectural design process. Architecture will also be affected as AR based systems become more powerful.






Total Process Management System


계획단계(PM) 부터 설계관리(DM), 시공관리(CM) 및 사후관리(FM) 까지 연계가 가능한 기반 솔루션



Total Process Management System of Join Systems provides solution for unraveling in an innovative way the problems found on construction sites, including management of human resources, supply of materials, and sharing of information with affiliate companies.




Project Collaboration Network


발주처/시행자(PM), 설계자(DM), 시공자(CM) 및 사후관리자(FM)간의 정보 공유 및 협업이 가능한 기스템 구츅



A project collaboration network should provide a combination of tools that enable team members to get projects done, instantly,discover reference they require and above all able to communicate and act together to achieve common business targets in project collaboration. The core components of an project collaboration network are cloud database service, document sharing, group calendar, team collaboration and real-time project collaboration







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